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Gas station buys not eligible to get double miles include, but aren’t limited to, purchases made at warehouse clubs that don’t signal gas station purchases beneath a gas station code, discount stores, department stores and convenience stores. In case your flight is affected by the suspension of MAX aircraft operations, and you’re travelling within the next hours, then call . Each merchant e.g., a retailer, company or another location where you are able to make a buy has been assigned a code that indicates the retailer ‘s primary area of business. Toll free hrs/days in Canada and the U.S. We overlook ‘t assign or possess any control over merchant codes. Toll free hrs/days in Canada and the U.S.

Codes are assigned by a third party. When it’s more than days ago please click here. Whenever you make a purchase at a merchant, we’re supplied the code for that merchant and if the code matches with a class that provides you additional miles, you’ll earn the additional miles. Have you got a travel related issue or compliment you want to submit? Because we don’t control what code a merchant is assigned, sometimes a purchase that you believe fits a certain category may not earn additional miles. Have you got a question or comment for us? It is possible to look through our subjects to find out whether we’ve covered your question, or contact us by phone or email anytime.

For example, a restaurant situated within a large retail outlet might not be assigned a &quotrestaurant&quot code, but instead a &quotmerchant &quot code. Our baggage section will help you pack smart. This means that in the event you receive additional miles for &quotbuys at restaurants,&quot you won’t get additional miles for purchases at that restaurant. You’ll find details on what you can and cannot bring on board with you, on maximum dimensions and weight allowances, in addition to on specific regulations and restrictions. Citi reserves the right to determine which purchases qualify for this offer. We’ll also answer your questions relating to unique and oversized items such as sports or hunting equipment and musical instruments. Miles may be earned on purchases made cheap southwest airlines flights booking by primary charge cardmembers and Authorized User.

Find out how to report and follow up on damaged or delayed luggage. Balance transfers, cash advances, checks that access your credit card account, items and services returned for credit, unauthorized fees, interest and consideration charges, traveler’s checks, purchases of foreign currency, money orders, wire transfers and similar cash like trades , lottery tickets, along with gambling chips and similar gambling transactions don’t earn miles. Or write to Miles earned will be submitted to the key credit cardmember’s AAdvantage account in weeks. Our lost and found things page contains helpful info on what you can do. Earn a Southwest Airlines Flight Discount the &quotFlight Discount&quot after you invest , or more in purchases on your Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select credit card during your charge cardmembership year each months in the charging period following your yearly fee bills through the next billing period your yearly fee bills. Within hours of purchase, any booking made on can be cancelled online and is fully refundable. For your first year of charge cardmembership, purchases qualify due to the date of your account opening.

After hours, then you are able to cancel your reservation online, supplied To receive the Flight Discount, your account has to be open for one billing cycle following your yearly fee is charged. You initially booked your flight on, all your flight sections are eligible for cancellation. The Flight Discount is redeemable toward the initial ticket purchase of air travel wholly on flights marketed and operated by Southwest Airlines, or on flights marketed by Southwest Airlines and operated by Compass Airlines, LLC, Envoy Air Inc., ExpressJet Airlines, Inc., Mesa Airlines, Inc., Republic Airline Inc., PSA Airlines, Inc., Piedmont Airlines, Inc., Air Wisconsin Airline Corp., SkyWest Airlines, Inc., Trans States Airlines, LLC., for itineraries originating in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or U.S.

Many tickets e.g. many promotional or chair sale tickets are non refundable, though others might be subject to a refund penalty which restricts their refundable value. Virgin Islands, and marketed in US Dollars. Typically, the words &quotnon refundable&quot or &quotnon ref&quot are printed on the ticket and ticket reception.